Sunday, January 24, 2010

Robin Sood

Robin Sood is a name which is really common in people related to information technology. Robin Sood is the author who writes books on information technology and is currently working as program manager of large product development program with sites in France, China, India and United States. His work is greatly appreciated by the people all over the world. A book written by Robin Sood is �IT, Software and Services: Outsourcing and Offshoring� gives you insights to the world of outsourcing and offshoring for the software industry. The book is written really well and essential reading for shrewd business leaders of the 21st century.

If you are already in the information technology outsourcing or offshoring department or you are planning to go into this field then you can�t afford to miss this book. The information technology sector is changing rapidly day by day and if you want to keep pace with it you should always go for Robin Sood books. According to Robin Sood outsourcing is �double-edged sword� which can not be the universal solution for all. Robin Sood books make you plan your strategy with a practical view point. According to Robin Sood almost all the activities in your business can be outsourced in one way or the other. He has a positive attitude towards his work therefore brings out the best out of it.

Robin Sood books are in great demand as these are not very expensive and moreover the books are written in simple language and all the topics are well explained. This field is ever growing and therefore you have to keep updated. Robin Sood uses a five step thought system to make you understand all the terms in clear terms. These consists of why? What? How? Who? Where? For most of the companies the books written by Robin Sood is indispensable as it provides all the knowledge about the outsourcing which help companies to save millions of dollars.

Various things can�t be explained theoretically, for these things Robin Sood uses appropriate schematic diagrams and models of outsourcing with its implementation and the disadvantages. Robin Sood has a large experience in this field and can be proved from the fact that he is in this field for more than 14 years now.