Monday, December 28, 2009

Robin Williams Golf

Any person having knowledge about film industry would definitely have come across the name of Robin Williams golf. Robin Williams golf was born in Chicago in the year 1952. He is famous for his funny acts. Robin Williams golf was named as the 1997�s funniest man alive by Entertainment weekly. His style of comedy is very different from the others and is known as �Tasmanian devil of comedy�. Robin Williams studied political science before taking admission into Julliard. After graduation he used to work at night clubs where he was spotted for the role of Mork on an episode of �happy days�.

Robin Williams golf father was a senior executive at ford in charge of the Midwest area and his mother was former model. People can�t stop laughing once he goes into rhythm. It is not that he comes well prepared and delivers the act but the amazing thing about him is that he cooks up the act on the spot in a way that it looks like that he has come prepared.
Robin Williams golf when given a free reign on a talk show makes the audience roll in tears. Robin Williams golf is one of the most popular actors of the day especially with new generation, not only for his comedy style but also for his dramatic work. He has achieved great heights in his work. He is 5 times winner of American comedy award and have been nominated many more times than that. It is not all but he has been also nominated 4 times for the Oscars and won the best supporting role in 1997 for Good Will Hunting.

Robin Williams golf was once described as a fellow who has inventiveness of Albert Einstein and attention span of Daffy Duck. Some of famous works of Robin Williams golf are Good Morning Vietnam, Dead Poets Society, Good Will Hunting, Mrs. Doubtfire, Alladin, and Insomnia. A person who sees his act always says that he or she is looking forward for his next act. In a recent survey to find the comedian�s comedian he was voted amongst the top 50.