Monday, December 21, 2009

Roadrunner Haiku Journal

A journal can be defined as the record of daily events or business activities. It can be the one dedicated to a particular section of the community or can be written over a particular subject. It may be published daily, or weekly, depending upon the publishing company. Roadrunner haiku journal is one of the similar journals that deal with the art, poetry, etc over the roadrunner. Before we get in to the details of the roadrunner haiku journal, let us understand the meaning of each term independently.

Haiku is basically the traditional Japanese poem written in a pre-defined format. These poems generally consist of three lines of 5, 7, and 5 units, corresponding to the syllables. These poems may describe a season, combination of two or more images, etc. Roadrunner, of course is a very popular crested bird of Southwest North America, known for its swift running and streaked brownish plumage and a long tail. It is also well known by the names chaparral bird or chaparral cock. Well, now that we are clear with the meaning of each word, we can obviously infer what roadrunner haiku journal will be all about.

The roadrunner haiku journal publishes the poems and other pieces of art related to the bird "runner" written down in the traditional Japanese format, also known as "haiku". These journals may consist of the short poems, which describe some season, an image or picture in the traditional Japanese format.

The various issues of this roadrunner haiku journal have already been out in the market, and the company is preparing to publish the next issue. This issue will showcase the special features of the roadrunner, and shall contain the five sets of paired poems by Robert D. Wilson and Anita Virgil from their forthcoming book, Come Dance With Me.

Well, you can also find numerous online and offline sources dealing with the roadrunner haiku journal. These roadrunner haiku journals are not limited to a particular section or community of the society and have gained popularity among the people all over the world. So, check out the latest copy of roadrunner haiku journal, to get the seasonal flavor of the bird written in the traditional format of Japanese poem haiku.