Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Plant and Wildlife Inventory Michigan

Michigan is one of the most beautiful states in United of States of America. The state is famous for its plant and wildlife resources. Therefore it is worthwhile to look at Plant and wildlife inventory Michigan. The Plant and wildlife inventory Michigan states that there are about 1800 species of native Michigan plants. The state is full of diverse habitats ranging from prairie and southern forests to boreal species with several endemic species of plants associated with the Great Lakes' shorelines. By the information provided by Plant and wildlife inventory Michigan about 800 more non native species have been introduced here.

But many of the introduced species are commonly known weeds. The major ones which are causing most of the problem are Eurasian millfois, garlic mustard, spotted knapweed, and purple loosestrife. According to Plant and wildlife inventory Michigan the state has lost 46 of its native species in recent times due to one reason or the other. The most concerning factor is that 51 native species are endangering of extinction including 23% of plants. The state is also full of different species of all kinds of animals. The Plant and wildlife inventory Michigan has given certain information which many people didn�t knew.

The major species of animals found in Michigan according to Plant and wildlife inventory Michigan are Acris crepitans blanchardi, Botaurus lentiginosus, Cygnus buccinator, Notropis texanus, Brychius hungerfordi, Acronicta falcula, Flexamia delongi, Stylurus amnicola, Melanoplus flavidus etc. This is not all but there are thousands of more species found here. But the important fact is that most of them are in danger of extinction. By the information given by Plant and wildlife inventory Michigan researchers are trying to figure out the most endangered species so that they can take instant action. The government and people have backed up and are actively participating in this cause.