Saturday, December 12, 2009

Pigeon Devices

Pigeons are one of the most commonly found birds worldwide. These birds are abundantly found in Asian and western countries. They are considered to have a very long life. Pigeons can be harmful at times as they are source of many diseases which are easily communicable to human beings. Pigeons also dirty the place where they roost or nests. So for stopping this many preventive measures have been taken and one of the most successful one is pigeon devices. A vast range of these pigeon devices is available in the worldwide market.

The major pigeon devices are visual scare devices, roost inhibitors, audible or sonic devices, and inaudible or ultrasonic devices. Each of these pigeon devices has their own advantages and limitations. Ultrasonic devices are best suited for lofts and high ceilings of warehouses and indoor areas. But their limitation is that they can�t be used outside as it will spoil the pigeon device.

The best pigeon device available in the market for outdoor use is super bird expeller Pro. It works best in combination with visual scare devices. Sonic bird repeller is another effective outdoor pigeon device which can cover a large area up to 4 to 8 acres.

Pigeon are not considered to be a very smart and intelligent creature and this can be easily proofed by the fact that they more often or not return to their favorite roosting and nesting areas. These pigeon devices are very effective in removing from these places but you have to keep in mind that this doesn�t happens immediately but you have to keep patience as it will take some time. A combination of audible with visual pigeon device is best.

But you have to be careful in handling these pigeon devices as they can easily get spoiled if not cared for. The best part of pigeon devices is that they are very cheap and easily available.