Saturday, December 5, 2009

Free Bird

Free bird symbolizes freedom of nature. Bird has always been the most beautiful part of the nature. Beautiful birds of different shades of color always add to the nature's beauty. We can see them always around of different sizes and shapes-black, blue, green, violet or mixture of many colors. Free bird is one that has no bounds, no restrictions, free enough to fly as high as possible, reach the maximum attainable heights, in-fact sky is lasso not the limit.

This nature's most extraordinary creation, the free bird, has been in news always regarding its freedom. But before we move further on analysis of freedom of bird let�s learn few things about them. Birds are air breathing, warm-blooded, oviparous, flying vertebrates, body covered with feathers and scales on legs. Birds have light bones that enable them to fly and also have very sharp vision. There are two types of birds one class of them is called Ancient or Extinct birds and the other one is called recent birds. But the most important features of them are their feathers and their body colors.

Free birds have always added to the beauty of the environment, but the recent advancements in living standards involving interaction of humans with nature have created a lot many obstacles for them. The freedom that they enjoyed has been affected by increasing industrialization. The increasing use of the useful parts like feathers have lead to the hunting and capturing of them this has created a lot of problem for these small creatures.

Now days, it has become quite difficult to see any free bird sitting on the balcony and enjoying the food given by you. Earlier clutter of birds flying high together or eating up the food thrown by us was an ordinary view, but now these sights are rare. Now we can hardly find beautiful birds playing around the garden or fieldsor gardensbut this is all a rare sight. Almost a century ago we all large agricultural plots so lots of fresh air was available for them, but since the industries have increased in number, pollution level has increased .so the free birds are now moving away from cities. Another problem for these free birds is increasing hunting of birds. Birds that attract tourists are the target of hunters mostly. Their skin, feathers are used as decorative pieces also some birds are hunted for food. So there is need to put an end to all such activities. There should be proper laws for ensuring their freedom, because free birds have always been a symbol of freedom and nature's beauty.