Saturday, November 28, 2009

Pigeon Controls

Pigeons are one of the most abundant birds found worldwide. These are common in Asian countries and also in some countries of the west. These birds have a very long life. The pigeons are sometimes given �rock doves� as their nickname due to the fact that these are mainly found in rocky areas. Pigeon control is all more important in due point of the time as these birds can be harmful at times. They harbor diseases which are communicable to human beings. Pigeon control is also important as they dirty the area in which they roost or nest.

The roost produced by pigeons is one of the major causes of concern. The cost of the pigeon control program to eliminate the effect of roost is quite costly but the long time effectiveness is justifiable for the expense. The openings in various places where these birds can roost can be screened by rust proof wires. There also some electric wire devices available in the market which you can purchase for pigeon control. You should destroy the nests and eggs of pigeons at about every fortnight. For this purpose you can use a long stick having hook at one end.

For pigeon control people used to use devices which make some noises permanently but as the time have passed pigeons have become accustomed to these sounds and therefore these doesn�t effect them anymore. A very effective method for pigeon control is to throw water on the pigeons. If this method is used very often then these birds leaves that place and moves away.

There are traps available in the market for pigeon control. These traps can be laid at the place where pigeons more often or not come for roosting or nesting purposes. Pigeon control can also be done by shooting them with .22 bird shot. Pigeons don�t die by the shot, they just flies away and doesn�t come back from the fear of shot.