Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Photo of Banded Ducks

Ducks are one of the most beautiful creatures found on the Earth. These are mostly common in western countries as they prefer pleasant climate with good amount of water. In last few decades ducks have started to migrate from one place to another and therefore scientists were not able to figure out the place of origin of these ducks. To go deep in to this matter scientists banded these ducks and took photo of banded ducks. This photo of banded ducks helps them to identify the duck. This banding also provides some other important data to scientists such as estimating survival rates, band recovery rates, harvests rate and harvest distribution.

Photo of banded ducks is also useful for conservation department and wildlife department as they also provide data about migration routes as well as data from breeding and wintering areas. Due to these benefits conservation department has made banding of ducks mandatory and for a record the photo of banded ducks has to be kept. These bands are very cheap and are available in various colors. For banding purpose first a trap is laid in the area where the ducks usually come. When these ducks falls into trap then they are banded and photo of banded ducks are taken.

Banding ducks and then taking photo of banded ducks is no easy task as the ducks doesn�t easily allow this. You got to have a professional for this task. You can easily see these photos of banded ducks having a band on their legs on the internet. Some people take photos of banded ducks for entertainment but since these are very important in various studies, therefore it becomes all the more important for the government. For the banding purpose and for taking photo of banded ducks, volunteers are needed and the really surprising fact is that conservation department easily finds volunteers for this task. It�s refreshing that so many people take interest in these activities in this busy world.