Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Oriole Bird Feeder

The scientific name of Oriole bird is �Icterus Galbula�. These birds are about 6.5 inches and they have a sharp pointed bill. The male species of Oriole bird has black head, back, wings and tail while the female one has brownish-gray upperparts and dull yellowish-orange breast and under tail coverts. But let�s talk about Oriole bird feeder. Oriole bird feeder as it is clear from the name is specially designed to attract Oriole birds and is a nectar feeder. This oriole bird feeder comes in various shapes and designs. Some oriole bird feeder has different color chains attached to it so that it can be hanged anywhere.

As oriole birds are greatly attracted towards nectar therefore these oriole birds feeder are at great demands. Oriole bird feeder is designed in such a way that it is highly durable and can be cleaned pity easily. Some of the components of oriole bird feeder are nectar scale, hanging rod or chain and built in ant moat. Different oriole bird feeder has different feeding capability. Some of them have two perches to feed two there are also others which have feeding capability of four. The capacity of different oriole bird feeder also differs from size to size. So you have an option to choose the one which satisfies your need.

Oriole bird feeder nectar can be made very easily and cheaply. The contents are sugar and water only. You just have to mix six parts of boiling water in one part of sugar. But do remember to cool down the oriole bird feeder nectar before hanging it out. Oriole bird feeder should be changed once every week but more often in summers. For best result oriole bird feeder should be kept in the shade. You should be very careful in cleaning the oriole bird feeder. It should be cleaned with a mild detergent and rinse well every time the nectar is changed.