Sunday, November 8, 2009

Game Birds For Sale

Pheasants, quail, partridges, peacocks, pigeons and doves, ducks, wild turkeys, quail, partridge and mallards are some of the most popular game birds for sale all over the world. These are mostly used in three major areas, namely, exhibition, meat production and hunting for amusement. Game birds for sale are considered to be those fowl for which there is an established hunting season. Guinea fowl are considered to be domesticated poultry. But let us get to know more about game birds for sale.

Generally, like any other industry, a poultry industry's work can be categorized in to three sections, namely, production of the hatching eggs and chicks, their rearing and then the marketing of the same. The demand of game birds for sale shows a fluctuating trend and depends chiefly upon the season. The birds may be demanded in the consumer market for their flesh, or may be required by some hunter to satisfy his/her. Of course, "thanksgiving" and "Christmas" are the major seasons when game birds for sale demand touches the skies.

However, to have the bird of your choice, it is important to have the prior idea of the market from where it should be purchased. The Gazette is considered as the world's largest market for the game birds for sale. The market is full of all kinds of products you will like to have including, hatching eggs, chicks, and adult game birds and ducks from many reputable and reliable breeders. You can also purchase the eggs and the chicks all the year around. The market is also the apt place for incubators, brooders, feed suppliers, netting for making duck, pheasant, quail, and game bird pens, and all other game bird accessories that you will like to purchase for yourself.

Yet another aspect that a purchaser of game bird for sale should be aware of is the "feeding". Generally, the feed of game birds is known as "complete" feeds as it consist of protein, energy, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients necessary for proper growth, egg production and health of the birds. It is important to note here that over feeding of the birds leave an unpleasing impact on their health leading to an unbalance in their growth and development.

Further, the feeding of the game birds for sale depends upon the purpose for which they have been fed. This implies a bird used for meat production is fed differently as compared to one used for egg production or breeding. It is because a game bird for sale to be used for meat production is expected to have weighty bodies, while the others are supposed to have more nutritious food.