Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Free Bird Lynyrd Skynyrd

There are many songs and singers who make animals and birds a way to express some hidden meanings to life. Some issues which could be best understood by citing the way these creatures behave. That�s how free bird lynyrd skynyrd came into existence. This song which was performed by the famous band is a history. Free bird lynyrd skynyrd is a song which describes how a lover who has probably recently had a break off with his girl is telling her that what life would be life now. The song is amazing to listen to.

Free bird lynyrd skynyrd sings the lover�s heart out expressing mixed feelings of sorrow and joy. At one end the lover is happy and jubilant to get out of the relationship which was probably limiting him in many aspects of life but on the other end the lover is confused as to whom to blame for the entire thing. The lover gets expresses his situation as that of a free bird that has no bounds now and is free to do whatever he wishes to do. The lover is feeling ecstatic to see the end of a relationship which had probably tied him down.

The lover also feels that now that they are separate she that is his girl would also be much happier than what she was. The song free bird lynyrd skynyrd also expresses the amazing state of mind at which the lover is. The feeling of being so free and so different from the normal is clearly evident in the song�s nature. The song goes on and on with the lines �And this bird you'll never change� expressing the fact that the lover in the song free bird lynyrd skynyrd feels. The lover feels that his girl can not change is current state and feels that this state is quite permanent. This is how highly happy the lover in the song is feeling. The song became very popular around the globe. The way the whole thing was presented was amazing as well. So let us conclude this topic on free bird lynyrd skynyrd.