Thursday, October 29, 2009

Ohio State Bird

Ohio is situated in United States of America. Ohio state bird is �Cardinal�. Ohio adopted cardinal as its National Bird in 1933. The scientific name of Ohio state bird cardinal is �Cardinalis cardinalis�. The species has got its name after the red robes worn by Roman Catholic cardinals. Ohio state bird, cardinal surpasses all the other species of its kind in United States by virtue of its elegance in motion strength of song. Ohio state bird is also known by some other names such as �Red bird� and �Virginia Nightingale�.

Ohio state bird is about 8-9 inches or 20-23 cm generally. The male species of Ohio state bird is bright red with crest, has a black face and a stout red bill while the opposite sex are buff-brown tinged with red on crest, wings and tails. Ohio state bird can be found in abundance in southern part of the country and also in the peninsulas of Florida�s. They are also found in great numbers in the Western part of the country as far as Ohio and they extend Indiana, Illinois and Missouri. Few of them can also be found in New York and New Jersey. Ohio state bird can easily be seen in the fields, orchards and gardens and sometimes even enters into the streets of Southern villages and towns.

Ohio state bird has extended its range northward in recent decades and can also be seen now in Southern Canada. Ohio state bird cardinals are meant to be aggressive in nature and they occupy territory round whole year. Both male and female species have a very sweet voice and can be heard any time round the year rather than only in the spring when most of their other counterparts sings. Ohio state bird relies heavily on seeds for their food but also eat insects in breeding season. Ohio state bird often comes to feeder on the arrival of winters.