Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New Jersey State Bird

New Jersey is a state situated in United States of America. New Jersey state bird is �American Goldfinch�. The scientific name of New Jersey state bird American Goldfinch is �Carduelis Tritis�. New Jersey state bird American Goldfinch belongs to the family of Fringillidae and Finches. New Jersey State bird passes the state of Louisiana in the month of January and can be seen there in that season on high tops of trees. They choose their habitat close to some water courses and are usually find in group of eight to ten birds consisting of both the male and females.

The height of the New Jersey State bird American Goldfinch is about 4 � -5 inches (11-13 cm) which is just smaller than a sparrow. The male species of the New Jersey state bird is bright yellow in color with a white rump, black forehead; it has white edges on black wings and tail and is yellow at bend of wing while the female species of New Jersey State bird is duller in color in comparison to their counterparts, is grayer with black wings, tail and white wing bars.

The main habitats of New Jersey State bird is brushy thickets, weedy Grasslands and on the nearby trees. New Jersey State bird lays eggs in well built nests which are made up of grass, bark strips and plant down. There eggs are blue in color. They generally breed from Southern British Columbia which is east to Newfoundland and south to California.

The main food for the New Jersey State bird is seeds. Weed seeds are available only in the mid summer therefore the nesting of New Jersey state bird begins in that season only. Since there nesting starts very late therefore only a single brood is raised in every season. Research has shown that the New Jersey State birds hesitate before flying across the water.