Monday, October 26, 2009

Natural Pigeon Control

Pigeon is one of the most beautiful creatures in this world. Pigeons are also called �rock doves� as they are mainly found in rocky areas. But most of the pigeons you see around belong to your neighbor area and not to their natural habitat. Although some of them might have migrated form the near by area. They tend to do so as they find man made artificial structures quite a good place for nesting. Natural pigeon control is looking at these aspects of pigeon. The most effective natural pigeon control is exclusion. Pigeons should be excluded by you from your area.

Pigeons can survive on almost any diet and are also used to people who use to feed them. Pigeons have a very high adaptation quality and can quickly adapt any kind of environment. They are usually not disturbed by any other creatures. Natural pigeon control is playing a very important role to bring back the old environment and habitat for the pigeons. In today�s world they are sometimes described as �flying rats� as their natural habitat is continuously being destroyed by human beings due to over population and so the pigeons have to make the cities as there new habitat. Natural pigeon control has band the shooting of pigeons in certain areas.

Pigeons roost on building ledges which causes defacement and health risk to people living there from their droppings. Natural pigeon control has responded to this problem and has installed stainless steel and plastic spikes on the ledges of the buildings. Natural pigeon control is trying to resolve these problems. Pigeosns are known to carry various types of disease such as ornithosis, encephalitis, Newcastle disease etc. therefore the Natural pigeon control is trying to keep them far from the human communities. The normal life of a pigeon is about 15 years but the urban pigeons live no longer then 4-5 years. Since there number has drastically decreased in past decades therefore natural pigeon control is trying to protect and groom them in environment friendly for them.