Monday, October 19, 2009

Hummingbird Food

Hummingbirds are found in great numbers in Western countries which include North America, California, Alaska and Mexico. Hummingbird has many unique characterstics but let�s talk about the hummingbird food. The main hummingbird food is nectar from various flowers and tree saps. You can prepare the hummingbird food yourself very easily. Keep this hummingbird food in some place outside and the hummingbirds will get attracted towards it and then you can easily take clips or photographs of the smallest bird in the world. About 5 percent of the hummingbird food consists of insects as they are the main source of protein.

You should always keep in mind while providing hummingbird food that they require food at every 10-15 minutes interval to maintain their energy level. You can also make a feeder for hummingbird food so that these birds will hover around which is really a very wonderful sight to watch. Hummingbird food consists of 1 part of sugar and four parts of water. For preparing hummingbird food first boil water, then measure and add sugar at the rate of � cups of sugar to 1 cup of water. Cool down the solution and hummingbird food is ready. Store the excess of the solution in refrigerator.

You should not add honey or any kind of juice in hummingbird food as it is dangerous for these creatures and may even make them die. You should also not any kind of colors in the hummingbird food as they are toxic. Do remember to clean the feeder every week with hot water and mild detergent solution. Hummingbird food is also readily available in the market with all the ingredients in proper amount. So you don�t have to worry about anything and the best part is that it is very cheap. Due to extensive killing only 9 species of these birds are found today and they also considered being in danger of extinction.