Sunday, October 18, 2009

Golden Eagle Bird

The scientific name of Golden Eagle bird is �Aquila chrysaetos�. Golden Eagle birds are mainly found in the western countries that include Alaska, Canada etc. Golden Eagle birds are usually very uncommon in heavily forested areas and they usually prefer to live in the open terrain of deserts, mountains and plateaus. Golden Eagle birds generally have a body length of 30-40 inches, a wingspan of 6 � to 7 � feet�s and weighs about 7 to 13 pounds. Golden Eagle birds are named for their golden- brown plumage and have head and nape feathers of slightly light gold color.

Diablo mountains near the San Francisco Bay have the highest known density of golden Eagle birds all over the world. It has been found that in an 820 square kilometer area of oak savanna near Livermore there are at least 44 breeding territories of Golden Eagle birds.

Golden Eagle bird mostly relies on medium size rodents, rabbits and hares for their food. They also eat birds, reptiles and carrion. Golden Eagle birds usually catch their prey from the ground but they sometimes also catch some birds in the mid air. Some golden Eagle birds are also seen hunting in pairs. These birds usually build their nets on the cliff or on top of the tree. Golden Eagle birds lay two eggs at a time and it needs about 40-45 days for incubation. The young ones take about 5 years to obtain adult coloration.

Golden Eagle birds are known to have a tremendous eye sight which they use for catching their prey. The Golden Eagle birds have a long life span of about 30 years. Both male and female Golden Eagle birds participates in the nest building which is usually made of large sticks and often contains aromatic leaves which keeps the insects away. Killing of Golden Eagle birds is banned but it doesn�t have any effect on the predators as they continue to kill them.