Friday, October 16, 2009

Funny Penguins

Larry Mester once said "Of all the things I would like to do during my life, my greatest dream is to go to Antarctica and shake hands with a penguin!�. To imagine why he would say this, let�s question ourselves as to what is the first thing that comes to our mind when someone says �penguin�. An odd looking, yet awfully cute, stunted animal walks with flip-flop-feet attached to the bottom of its body, certainly funny and entertaining that�s what funny penguins are all about. Nature has endowed upon these comical characters, a funny tux-coloration, mostly in black and white or blue and white, which makes the penguins look so much more sophisticated than us � the self proclaimed superior being. That�s what Funny Penguins are all about.

Penguins or funny penguins as we can say are warm blooded and their body temperature revolves around 100� Fahrenheit, similar to us humans, making apparent the resemblance between the two funny species created by nature and evolution. Penguins have been on this planet for a very long time. The fossils unearthed in Australia indicate that they have existed for around 60 million years. They are only found south of the equator.

Regardless of their funny appearance, funny penguins are the most successful avian predators. They can run as fast as most men, and swim faster than most fish. They are perfectly adapted to a half-life between land and sea. Penguins' bodies can store great amounts of food. In fact, they don�t eat during breeding season until an egg has been laid. To quote a funny fact, the Emperor Penguin males, which is the largest and heaviest penguin, incubate the eggs continuously, not eating for as long as 15 weeks, but once the chicks are hatched, the hungry parent will eat up to 25 pounds of food!

The brotherhood of funny penguins is a conglomerate of approximately 17 species. Habitats of penguins range widely, but no matter where they live, all penguins have a very cold ocean nearby. Unlike those birds, which have the ability to �take-off�, penguins� bones are heavy and solid, and their body is perfectly adapted for swimming; their legs are placed far back on their bodies - hence the funny term �the penguin waddle�. With their feet so far back, penguins can slide on their bellies, moving much faster than walking. They use their flippers and feet to push them, moving about from place to place at least twice as fast as they can walk. Their feet are webbed and are used to help steer them during swimming and diving. The feathers on penguins are quite dense. Since the penguins need all of their feathers to protect them in icy waters, they moult all of their feathers at one time, gradually growing them back all at once. During this time of feather renewal, penguins are land birds. To name a few kinds of this funny specie, one must begin with the smallest penguin called the �little or Fairy Penguin�, which grows up to 18 inches. That was the world of the funny penguins.