Thursday, September 17, 2009

Wall To Wall Bath Carpeting

Maintaining a wall to wall bath carpeting can be a big hassle if one doesn�t know the right tricks and methods to clean it. Wall to Wall bath carpeting is a very important thing to keep in mind for any one who has a carpet or a rug in his/her home. The maintenance of a carpet is what makes it last long and gives it that enormous value.

To begin with it is important to remember that a carpet needs as much care as any other expensive thing that you buy for your place. It is important to clean it. No matter how clean it may appear to you on surface, it can be a store house of dust and dirt even without looking dirty. Wall to wall bath carpeting then becomes an important issue.

All carpets are susceptible to odors and dust and grit and this is what that can lessen the life of your carpet. If not maintained properly you carpet may wear out much before its age or its colors may fad away. So it is advised that wall to wall bath carpeting should be cleaned properly. To begin with monthly they should be turned upside and should be scrubbed with vinegar and water and a soft brush. However do not forget to let the carpet dry before placing it again. Keeping it damp may lead to awful smell in your room or may even damage it.

Wall to wall bath carpeting, may also be taken a step forward by washing the carpet properly. The best way to do it is to use your bath tub for it. Put the carpet in your bath tub in room temperature water and Wool-Lite and get in the tub and stomp it. Stomping is just the beginning to this process and should be done properly in order to achieve proper results. After you have stomped using all your energy another big task comes your way- to dry the carpet. This will require greater effort as the carpet will now be much heavier. Try and take it outside but do not dry it direct sunlight as that may fade the colors of the Wall to wall bath carpeting.