Tuesday, September 22, 2009

To Kill A Mocking Bird

Set during the great depression in Alabama, to kill a mocking bird is Harper Lee�s Pulitzer Prize winner novel. The novel is set amidst racist world where the Black and White population is divided by animosity and hatred. To kill a mocking bird is said that the novel is partially autobiographical account of Lee�s own life and her coming in terms with the prejudices of her own self and that of the world around her.

The protagonist and narrator of to kill a mocking bird, Jean Louise �Scout� Finch lives with her father Atticus Finch, a lawyer, her brother, Jem and their black cook Calpurina in Maycomb. Scout is someone who believes in her community and their decisions. The novel questions her fixed attitude and leads her to develop a broader perspective of life. Through the trial of Tom Robinson, who is falsely accused for the rape of a white woman, Scout gains an insight to her society�s shallow and prejudiced opinion. To kill a mocking bird deals not only with the racism of the world outside but our inner prejudices.

While trying to escape from the punishment he never deserved, tom is killed and becomes another of the novel�s �Mockingbirds�. His innocence reflects the evil of the world around him. The other characters of To Kill a Mocking Bird are:
� Arthur �Boo� Radley- who never gets out of his house but gives gifts to Jem, Dill and Scout
� Bob Elwell - who represents the dark side of the novel by falsely accusing Tom of the rape
� Mayella Ewell- Bob�s daughter who is allegedly raped by Tom
� Charles Baker �Dill� Harris- Jem and Scout�s friend

Few more characters are Maudie Atkinson, Aunt Alexandra, Link Deas, Nathan Radley, Heck Tate, Mr. Underwood, Mr. Dolphu Raymond and Walter Cunningham. Along with talking about racism of the time, To Kill a Mocking bird deals with many other issues like the coexistence of good and evil in our society and our mind and the importance of moral education for children. The book is an exploration into the evils and inequality of the society and how power corrupts not only individuals but large groups as well. The misuse of power and the injustice done on the black community is an issue which To Kill a Mocking bird attempts to unravel.