Thursday, September 10, 2009

Anime Bath

In the word anime bath, anime signifies the Japanese animation that is often characterized by the stylized vibrant colored images that actually represent the characters in the animation. These anime stories are aimed for all kinds of masses and hence cover all kinds of stories, taking in care the interest of each section of the society.

The drawing styles of anime can be said to be inspired from the popular Japanese comics, Magma. Based on the same, the first release of the anime film was released in 1963. The story was further developed and released in 1970, seven years after the release of the first edition. This time, the story was written on bit different lines than the typical western popular stories. It consisted of the unique genres like the giant robots, etc. this is how anime bath started.

Science Ninja Team Gatchaman, Lupin III and Mazinger Z are the few popular animated series of the same time. Then with the further research and development in the field, anime started gaining popularity all over the world. It was only in 1980 that the anime was accepted in the mainstreams in Japan. Thereafter the boom in the anime art was seen and with various business sections coming up to show their interest in the same. In 1988, a record was set up by Akira for its high production cost. Since then, the art has been continuously evolving and more attention grabbing. It was only around five years back that the anime received overwhelming acceptance in the international market and gained the attention of the people residing in western countries even.

One of the popular anime series of that time "Cowboy Bebop" took off the hearts of western public as well. The animated series "Spirited Away" even won the first prize in Berlin Film Festival 2002. It was also awarded the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature in 2003. Anime bath as a concept is fast becoming popular especially after the advent of Pokeman.

From then onwards the anime has become popular enough among the people all over the world, thereby gaining their attention and affection for the characters and the stories. It is important to note here that the stories shown in anime are not confined to any boundaries, and cover all the diversities of life so as to suit each one's interest all over the globe.