Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Crow Bird

The crow bird belongs to the Family Corvidae which includes jays, crows and ravens. Generallymembers of this family are noisy, gregarious birds who successfully steal food from much larger animals. The crow bird is a very common black bird. It can be found all over the world, and adapts well to a variety of habitats.

The common crow bird ( Corvus brachyrhynchos) is approximately 40 cm (about 17 inches) long at maturity. It is about the size of a large pigeon. Its wingspan is around 40 inches. It is black allover. Some may have grey or white shoulders and backs. Its call is nasal �caw!� It lays 4-7 eggs which are greenish blue and marked with brown. It is found throughout most of North America.

Fish crows (Corvus ossifragus) are a rather small species of crow birds endemic to the Southeastern United States. Typically they have been restricted to the coastline from southern New England to Texas, but in the last few decades have been expanding their range, especially their range, especially inland up large rivers. They are typically found along river systems and near large bodies of water. The calls of Fish crow and common crow are readily told apart. Common crow birds most frequently give the familiar �caw caw�. Fish Crows have a much more nasal call that may be better enumerated �awh� or �uhn�. The most diagnostic call of the Fish Crow is the double noted �uh-uh�.

The Carrion Crow (Corvus coron) is a black crow bird, about 18-19� long. It has neatly feathered thighs, and feathers around the base of the beak. While at first appearance its plumage is black, on closer inspection it has a green and purple iridescence. It has many calls, but the most common is �kraa-kraa-kraa�. It has a diverse diet: worms, insects, fruit, seeds, kitchen scraps, eggs, and young birds. A Carrion crow�s nest is built in the fork of a tree and is a large construction of twigs lined with hair and bark. It is built by both birds. The eggs are about 43mm by 30mm, smooth and glossy, pale bluish-green with dark brown and grey markings. The duties of incubating the eggs are performed by the female. Both adults feed the young birds.

In general crow birds are great mimics and can learn a great variety of sounds including talking. Even between each other they use a wide variety of low calls, often sounding like they are talking to one another, human style! Although crows are familiar birds, few people are aware of the complicated lives the crow bird leads.

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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Bath Showrooms In New Jersey

Bath showrooms in New Jersey have been a phenomenon that has brought a lot more organization and seriousness to the market of Bath Accessories in the USA. The Bath Accessories market has witnessed an unprecedented boom and people have started to visualize the bath room as a place in which design and material hold utmost importance. It is here that the Bath Showrooms have been the leaders since they can provide everything that is required to make a perfect bath room. Bath Showrooms in New Jersey have also proved this metal in this field.

Bath Showrooms in New Jersey like in all other places have come up in a major fashion. From a humble beginning, these showrooms have virtually become bath accessory supermarkets. Bath Showrooms in New Jersey are bath accessory supermarts that provide everything that can enable a person to make his bath a relaxing and refreshing experience.

Bath Showrooms in New Jersey provide a varied variety of bath fittings and accessories of various brands and price ranges. Right from sinks, faucets, toilets & bidets, European bathroom furniture and exotic glass lavatories to custom showers & enclosures, Ultra-therapeutic baths, vanities, medicine cabinets, steam baths, dozens of walk-thru bathroom displays, countertops and accessories, these showrooms cater to every taste and style, not to mention every pocket and budget size. Apart from accessories and fittings professional help in designing bath rooms is also made available in such showrooms.

Bath Showrooms in New Jersey follow a very market sensitive marketing strategy and give attractive offers and discounts in order to lure customers in this competitive local market. In spite of facing stiff pricing based competition from giants like giants like Wal-Mart, these local showrooms are giving anyone a run for their money.

Bath Showrooms in New Jersey to summarize have been very successful and have given to the local customer the variety and quality that has enabled a comforting and a customized bathing experience for everyone.

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Taxes Birding Tours

Taxes birding tours have always fascinated humans. Rather they have led to the greatest transport discovery- the airplane. Wings to fly are what every human dreams of but that�s not the only thing that attracts us to birds. The various species, diverse kind, their different sounds and living habits all make them one of nature�s greatest gifts. This is where birding tours come in and become necessary for all bird lovers. Taxes birding tours provide a wonderful glimpse of such wide fauna of the enormous species present there.

Taxes birding tours are very popular and are able to cater to a wide variety of species. They are timed such that the splendid Whooping Cranes are included along with Roseate Spoonbill, Reddish Egret, White-tailed Hawk, and a wide variety of waterfowl, gulls, terns, and shorebirds along with the rare Ferruginous Pygmy-Owl. One may even expect to spot Least Grebe, Great Kiskadee, Ringed Kingfisher, gaudy Green Jays and Altamira Orioles, the modest Olive Sparrow, and the raucous Plain Chachalaca, the US�s only guan. Along with Buff-bellied Hummingbird, Audubon�s Oriole, Northern Beardless-Tyrannulet, Green Kingfisher, White-collared Seedeater, and Brown Jay, that can also be spotted.

To the great pleasure of bird lovers, these taxes birding tours travel from Rio Grande Valley areas such as Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge and Bentsen State Park.Spring is the season which can give you the best experience of birding and taxes birding tours can be a great way to explore the birds you have always been curious to see. Also due to migration of birds from different places you may even catch birds of a large variety if you go at the right time and explore your touring options before opting for one. Guides can make spotting easy for you and make the entire experience filled with tit-bits of information related to the birds. Taxes birding tours are a necessity for any bird lover and will give you a satisfying experience clubbed with information you may be wanting. So go ahead and witness this miracle of nature� its almost like flying.

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

To Kill A Mocking Bird

Set during the great depression in Alabama, to kill a mocking bird is Harper Lee�s Pulitzer Prize winner novel. The novel is set amidst racist world where the Black and White population is divided by animosity and hatred. To kill a mocking bird is said that the novel is partially autobiographical account of Lee�s own life and her coming in terms with the prejudices of her own self and that of the world around her.

The protagonist and narrator of to kill a mocking bird, Jean Louise �Scout� Finch lives with her father Atticus Finch, a lawyer, her brother, Jem and their black cook Calpurina in Maycomb. Scout is someone who believes in her community and their decisions. The novel questions her fixed attitude and leads her to develop a broader perspective of life. Through the trial of Tom Robinson, who is falsely accused for the rape of a white woman, Scout gains an insight to her society�s shallow and prejudiced opinion. To kill a mocking bird deals not only with the racism of the world outside but our inner prejudices.

While trying to escape from the punishment he never deserved, tom is killed and becomes another of the novel�s �Mockingbirds�. His innocence reflects the evil of the world around him. The other characters of To Kill a Mocking Bird are:
� Arthur �Boo� Radley- who never gets out of his house but gives gifts to Jem, Dill and Scout
� Bob Elwell - who represents the dark side of the novel by falsely accusing Tom of the rape
� Mayella Ewell- Bob�s daughter who is allegedly raped by Tom
� Charles Baker �Dill� Harris- Jem and Scout�s friend

Few more characters are Maudie Atkinson, Aunt Alexandra, Link Deas, Nathan Radley, Heck Tate, Mr. Underwood, Mr. Dolphu Raymond and Walter Cunningham. Along with talking about racism of the time, To Kill a Mocking bird deals with many other issues like the coexistence of good and evil in our society and our mind and the importance of moral education for children. The book is an exploration into the evils and inequality of the society and how power corrupts not only individuals but large groups as well. The misuse of power and the injustice done on the black community is an issue which To Kill a Mocking bird attempts to unravel.

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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Two Person Baths

In this article we shall look into what two person baths are? Bath Tubs have become an absolute necessity for modern day homes. Nearly every home has a bathtub. Unfortunately, judiciously choosing a bath-tub does not come into the homeowner�s primary scheme of things. It often casually adds to the blueprints of the home set up. Hence, a little amount of thought process should go into selecting bath-tubs especially when one has multitude of options to choose from. As far as the household item goes, two person baths are amongst the most durable items.

A new concept that has emerged recently is the two person baths. It is especially meant for the people who have ample space in their bathrooms to accommodate it. Two person baths generally take a lot of water and space. Hence, one should consider the dimensions of the area where the bath is to be fitted.

In addition to the luxurious space it offers as compared to normal bath tubs, two person baths have several other enhancements.
>>One can have several mood lights around the bath area and also can have light soothing music to create that perfect ambience
>>He can also opt for extra cushioning for added comfort as well as headrest pillow attached with suction cups.
>>One can also utilize the baths for chemotherapy. In fact, bath tubs are ideal for such treatments.

It has been proved that soaking in a bath brings various health benefits. It lowers blood pressure and releases stress. At the same time it relaxes muscles, temporarily relieving pain from physical exertion. Two person baths comes in a multitude of styles, designs and colors. The choice purely depends on the individual tastes as well as the architectural limitations. They are mainly made up of porcelain or steel, acrylic or marble. The price also depends purely on the material being used. Generally, porcelain or steel baths are much cheaper compared to marble baths. In short, two person baths are a statement of luxury. The experience when one steps into it, is purely exotic and sumptuous

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Wall To Wall Bath Carpeting

Maintaining a wall to wall bath carpeting can be a big hassle if one doesn�t know the right tricks and methods to clean it. Wall to Wall bath carpeting is a very important thing to keep in mind for any one who has a carpet or a rug in his/her home. The maintenance of a carpet is what makes it last long and gives it that enormous value.

To begin with it is important to remember that a carpet needs as much care as any other expensive thing that you buy for your place. It is important to clean it. No matter how clean it may appear to you on surface, it can be a store house of dust and dirt even without looking dirty. Wall to wall bath carpeting then becomes an important issue.

All carpets are susceptible to odors and dust and grit and this is what that can lessen the life of your carpet. If not maintained properly you carpet may wear out much before its age or its colors may fad away. So it is advised that wall to wall bath carpeting should be cleaned properly. To begin with monthly they should be turned upside and should be scrubbed with vinegar and water and a soft brush. However do not forget to let the carpet dry before placing it again. Keeping it damp may lead to awful smell in your room or may even damage it.

Wall to wall bath carpeting, may also be taken a step forward by washing the carpet properly. The best way to do it is to use your bath tub for it. Put the carpet in your bath tub in room temperature water and Wool-Lite and get in the tub and stomp it. Stomping is just the beginning to this process and should be done properly in order to achieve proper results. After you have stomped using all your energy another big task comes your way- to dry the carpet. This will require greater effort as the carpet will now be much heavier. Try and take it outside but do not dry it direct sunlight as that may fade the colors of the Wall to wall bath carpeting.

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Wildlife Cameras

Wildlife cameras are inseminated into artificial snow which is dropped by planes, and when the snow falls there are eyes everywhere. There is no blind spot left. Art used to be painting, sculpture, music etc. but now all technology has become art of-course, this form of art is still very primitive, but it is slowly replacing reality. Obtaining decent wildlife cameras, one starts with choosing a brand. It is always best to use lenses flash and other accessories of the same brand as your camera body, as this guarantees compatibility. Most professional photographers adhere to this guideline. It is felt that postures, behavior, and natural colors provide by the photos give the best reference for nature enthusiasts because paintings usually fail to capture the stunning iridescence of many tropical birds and butterflies. Also paintings frequently fail to convey correct color, proportions, and postures of the creatures involved because they are often painted from dead or faded museum specimens.

Since capturing animal action is of primary importance to wildlife photographers, shelter priority in wildlife cameras is quite useful. For example Lets assume that you are in Yellowstone park and you want to photograph a coyote as it jumps on a mouse, if you are using fast enough film and a lens with a large enough f-stop, you can use shutter priority and use a fast shutter speed such as 1/1000 second, that will capture the action on film, knowing that the camera will automatically provide the correct exposure by selecting the proper f-stop. Another development that is beginning to show up in some of the latest cameras such as Nikon 90's, is a multipurpose mode in which the photograph tells the camera the type of photograph to be taken, such as portrait, sports, close-up, landscape, silhouette and so on.

Without some form of equipment and quality wildlife cameras you will not be able to produce photographs of a high enough quality to please yourself in others. For macro photography for wildlife the camera body is not as important as the quality of lens. The ideal setup for macro work will include a dedicated macro prime lens. For example Canon ef 50mm f/2.5 compact micro lens (1:2). Inspired to follow your dream, inspired to help preserve nature, inspired to see the science of nature photography and the beauty of creatures, all this is and can be best done by the latest wildlife cameras.

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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Bath Body Gifts

Have you ever heard about Bath Body Gifts? Let�s see what actually surrounds them. Gifts are meant to pamper your body and your surroundings. Bath and body products are made and come in a host of fragrances. The Gift Baskets and Gift Sets that are made fresh to order allow you to choose everything from the soap style to the fragrance. Bath and Body Duo has botanicals such as aloe, shea and jojoba, Bath Salts are made with quality spa sea salts and softeners to uplift a person�s spirits and relax the body. Glycerin Soaps are made with a host of natural ingredients like Olive Oil, Honey, Ground Loofah, Poppy Seeds and so much more. These Bath Body Gifts will whisk you away to Serenquility! And pamper the senses, body & spirit!

A day of relaxation will be something everybody looks forward to after hectic working environment and what a way to relax. Jasmine scented bath items, terry cloth bath pillow, bath loofah, as well as foaming bath crystals, a soothing eye mask to cleanse the body, & invigorate the spirit. Enhanced with soft blues and adorned with a pretty matching bow, a wonderful gift which is totally submissive. And that�s not all there are several other items like pretty hand-painted lavender planter including an array of scented bath items, glycerin soap, floating rose candles, bath salts in sachet, aromatherapy potpourri, and double chocolate truffles, wooden bath & pedicure brush, wooden pedicure groomer, bath beads, bath pillow and still counting, which constitute the Bath Body Gifts.

Bath Body Gifts are a splendid way to please any friend, spouse, for a new baby or anyone for that matter. Time and Again Essentials, Simple and fresh, quality bath and skin favorites celebrates the simple delights of nature. Using favorite scents and moisturizers from natural sources, these Bath Body Gifts will surely leave the person happy, grateful and most importantly supple and with a nice fragrance.

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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Anime Bath

In the word anime bath, anime signifies the Japanese animation that is often characterized by the stylized vibrant colored images that actually represent the characters in the animation. These anime stories are aimed for all kinds of masses and hence cover all kinds of stories, taking in care the interest of each section of the society.

The drawing styles of anime can be said to be inspired from the popular Japanese comics, Magma. Based on the same, the first release of the anime film was released in 1963. The story was further developed and released in 1970, seven years after the release of the first edition. This time, the story was written on bit different lines than the typical western popular stories. It consisted of the unique genres like the giant robots, etc. this is how anime bath started.

Science Ninja Team Gatchaman, Lupin III and Mazinger Z are the few popular animated series of the same time. Then with the further research and development in the field, anime started gaining popularity all over the world. It was only in 1980 that the anime was accepted in the mainstreams in Japan. Thereafter the boom in the anime art was seen and with various business sections coming up to show their interest in the same. In 1988, a record was set up by Akira for its high production cost. Since then, the art has been continuously evolving and more attention grabbing. It was only around five years back that the anime received overwhelming acceptance in the international market and gained the attention of the people residing in western countries even.

One of the popular anime series of that time "Cowboy Bebop" took off the hearts of western public as well. The animated series "Spirited Away" even won the first prize in Berlin Film Festival 2002. It was also awarded the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature in 2003. Anime bath as a concept is fast becoming popular especially after the advent of Pokeman.

From then onwards the anime has become popular enough among the people all over the world, thereby gaining their attention and affection for the characters and the stories. It is important to note here that the stories shown in anime are not confined to any boundaries, and cover all the diversities of life so as to suit each one's interest all over the globe.

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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Custom Made Quill Ostrich Boots

This article deals with the topic of custom made quill ostrich boots. Custom made boots are available around the globe in various sizes and shapes. In fact there are no limitations on the design and shape of the boots. The boots can be customized as per the requirements. Whether it be making the boots somewhat extra long or doing a mix-n-match with its colors. The custom made quill ostrich boots utilize quill.

The quill is defined in as the �hollow stem-like main shaft of a feather�.
These custom made quill ostrich boots are made up using the quills of an ostrich and that makes the entire thing very popular on a whole. The boots are very stylish to look at and come in a wide range of colors and designs. The customization is a wonderful aspect of this whole system which is pulling people more and more towards this wonderful collection of collectables. The idea on the whole is very well accepted in the higher societies with people�s desire for the custom made quill ostrich boots growing day by day.

The custom made quill ostrich boots give an intense competition to the likes of Jhodhpur Paddocks or even Cavalry boots. The whole idea of customization is very exciting from the buyer�s perspective. The idea that one can put his/her imagination creativity on his/her feet gives a great rush of blood and that�s what is making people crazy after these custom made quill ostrich boots.

The South-African ostrich or rather the South African Quill is one of the very famous ones. There are various sites available online which provide information into the aspects of the various solutions they provide for custom made quill ostrich boots. The pricing of these custom made quill ostrich boots is not cheap. They come in the range near to a thousand of dollars. But still at these prices they are a collection worth to have. Imagine anything and put it on your feet with quill being your material for the same. Doesn�t that sound great? The custom made quill ostrich boots are worth a try.

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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Cartoon Roadrunner

The Cartoons Roadrunner is a series of Looney Tunes cartoons created by Chuck Jones for Warner Brothers. Chuck Jones once said of his most famous protagonist and antagonist that �Wile E. is my reality, Bugs Bunny is my goal.� He originally created the Cartoons Roadrunner as a parody of traditional �cat and mouse� cartoons which were increasingly popular at the time. The Roadrunner was voiced by Paul Julian who worked as a background painter.

The Cartoon Roadrunner shorts are very simple in their premise: the Roadrunner, a flightless cartoon bird is chased down the highways of the Southwestern United States by a hungry toon coyote, named Wile E. Despite numerous clever attempts, the coyote never catches or kills the Roadrunner and his entire elaborate schemes end up injuring himself in humorous instances of highly exaggerated cartoon slapstick violence. There is almost never any �spoken� communication, save the Roadrunner�s �beep beep� and the Roadrunner sticking out his tongue, but the two characters do sometimes communicate by holding up signs to each other, the audience, or the cartoonist. Another key element is that while Wile E. is the aggressor in the series, he and his hopelessly futile efforts are the focus of the audience�s sympathy as well as virtually all of the humor.

The desert scenery in the first two Cartoon Roadrunner cartoons, Fast and Furry-ous (1949) and Beep Beep(mid 1952) was designed by Robert Gribbroek and was quite realistic. In subsequent cartoons the scenery was designed by Maurice Noble and was far more abstract. Several different styles were used. In Going! Going! Gosh! (late1952) through Guided Muscle (late1955) the scenery was �semi-realistic� with an offwhite sky. A bright yellow sky made its debut in Gee Whizzzzz! (early1956) but was not used consistently until There They Go-Go-Go!, later in the same year.

In his book, Chuck Amuck, Chuck Jones explains some of the rules the writers and artists followed in making the Coyote-Cartoon Roadrunner series:
1. The Cartoon Roadrunner cannot harm the coyote except by going �beep beep!�
2. No outside force can harm the coyote- only his own ineptitude or the failure of the Acme products.
3. The coyote can stop any time-if he were not a fanatic.
4. There may be no dialogue ever, except �beep beep�! The coyote may, however, speak to the audience through wooden signs that he holds up.
5. The Cartoon Roadrunner must stay on the road-otherwise, logically, he would not be called �roadrunner�.
6. All action must be confined to the natural environment of the two characters-the southwest American desert.
7. All materials, tools, weapons, or mechanical conveniences must be obtained from the Acme Corporation.
8. Whenever possible, gravity should be made the coyote�s greatest enemy.
9. The coyote is always more humiliated than harmed by his failures.
There was also a tenth and more unofficial rule:

The sympathy of the audience must lie with the coyote. The original Chuck Jones production productions ended in 1963 with the closing of the Warner Bros. animation studio. Shortly thereafter, Pink Panther co-creater David De Patie and Cartoon Roadrunner co-director Friz freleng formed DePatie-Freleng Enterprises and were commissioned to continue production of Cartoon Roadrunner .

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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Cardinal Birds

Northern Cardinal Birds (Cardinals cardinals) are a medium-sized songbird (approximately 8.75 inches in length) with short, rounded wings, a long tail, a heavy conical bill, and a crest. Males are neatly all brilliant red; brownish-gray-tinged scapular and back feathers give the upper parts a less colorful appearance. The coral red bill is surrounded by a mask of black that extends to a dark eye and includes the chin and throat. Legs and feet are dark red. The female is soft grayish brown on the back with variable areas of red on the tail, crest and wings. The underpants are a warm pinkish brown. Her coral red bill is also surrounded by darker but not black feathers, so her mask is not at distinct as the males. Females are slightly smaller than males. The juveniles are like females but more brown in color, with shorter crest and a blackish bill. Both the sexes of the Cardinal Birds sing almost the entire year.

The cardinal birds are very common in the east. They are mostly found in woodland edges, fields, thickets, brushy undergrowth, suburbs, and gardens, feeders with sunflower seeds, swamps, desert washes, and riparian areas. They do best where there is thick and shabby growth for them to nest and roost in. They are very adaptable. A cardinal�s nest is a bulky structure of vines, leave and twigs. It is often hidden in a thicket.

Cardinal birds are monogamous. They have 2 and 3 broods and occasionally 4 broods in the same year. The mating pair with outstretched necks and erect crests sways bodies from side to side while sharing the same songs. The male Cardinal Birds fiercely defends its breeding territory from other males. Female incubates with the help from male. Incubation takes 12-13 days. Development is altricial. The female lays three to four eggs at a time and they are grayish-, bluish-, greenish-white, marked with browns, grays, purples. Both the sexes tend the young who leave the nest after 9-10 days. Female Cardinal Birds sings usually after male establishes territory but before nestling starts; likely functions in pair bonding and reproductive synchronization of pair. Male cares for the first brood while female incubates second clutch.

Cardinal birds eat insects, fruits, seeds etc. They are winter resident although some eastern birds tend to move northeast and north in late summer and early fall. The common cardinal is found in the eastern United States and parts of Mexico, is named for the color of the robes of Roman Catholic Cardinal Birds. It is a member of finch family, Fringillidae, and is slim and crested. It is resident over its range, which it has extended northward into southern Canada. It ahs a cheerful, clear song and it is the official bird of seven states. Population density and range of the Northern Cardinal has increased over the last 200 years, largely as a response to habitat changes made by people. However, it is listed as a species of special concern in California and may disappear there because of habitat loss.

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