Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tweety Bird

Tweety Bird is a well known fictitious character of the Looney Toon cartoon "The Sylvester and Tweety Mysteries" of Warner Brothers. It was actually sketched by the Bob Clampett in 1942 for the cartoon "The tale of two kitties", where in it was rather seen in naked pink colored form, as compared to present yellow version of the Tweety bird.

Further the Tweety bird was supposed to hold more aggressive nature in its original version, though later on it was shown to be a cool calm and witty character in the cartoons. One can easily see the Tweety bird along with the other popular cartoon characters like Bugs Bunny, tom and jerry, etc, although its most popular cartoon is the one shot with a ravenous cat named Sylvester. The Granny working as a detective is yet another popular characters of the cartoon.

Tweety, as was originally named, is now more popularly known as Tweety bird now. The bird got its first name from the cartoon shot with the Sylvester, wherein it was given the look of a canary with big blue eyes and bright yellow feathers. In their most popular animated TV series, Tweety bird and Sylvester play the characters of pets and helpers of the detective "Granny " in her investigation process.

The presence of Tweety tempts Sylvester and therefore he makes each possible attempt to catch and eat the bird. However, he generally fails in his attempts due to the wittiness of the Tweety bird which drags the cat towards Hector the Bulldog, or due to other circumstances like presence of Granny around, etc. You would also see big building or heavy irons, and other appliances falling over the characters, making you laugh and feel entertained. The cartoon slowly gained the publicity and became popular among the people, especially among the school going kids. The kids loved to see their fights; and adored the characters for playing tricks on each other.

The Tweety Bird cartoon has gained enough popularity among the people. This can be witnessed by the goods available with the prints of the scenes from the cartoons, or they being made exclusively in the shape of the cartoon characters. For example, you can find Tweety Bird and Sylvester bags, pencil boxes, t-shirts, gift papers, etc.