Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Blind Robin

"The blind robin" is a very popular poem written down a few decades ago, that won the audience heart and made them feel lively and jolly. It is counted among the favorites of the people all over the world, and has received great appreciation from the same. However, before proceeding ahead with our subject topic "the blind robin", we must know what the "robin" here means.

Well, the blind robin is one of the most familiar birds of the North America. They are popular for having red colored breast and gray back that gives them unique yet unparallel look. There are others which have white patches as well on their bodies. You can also easily find the robins with white breast instead of red, or white backs instead of the typical gray colored ones. However, there also exist the robins which are pure white like the marble. Such beautiful white robins are generally given the name "albino robins", though they are now rarely found on the land.

Whatever may be the color of the blind robin, it is not difficult to identify the males or females among them, even though both of them hold the same color combination. It is because the nature distinct them by giving males comparatively richer color combination, giving them brighter look as compared to their female counterparts.It is of course not a surprising phenomenon, but mainly due to the difference in the pigment content of the male and female robins that brings in them this color difference. An albino bird, a breed of robin, makes no pigment at all and hence is of pure white color. On the other hand, the ones which secret normal quantities of the same are seen to have the definite red breast and gray black, as is the case of normal robins.

Now that we have gained enough idea about the robins and their basic looks, we can start with our subject topic that is "the blind robin". Basically, the blind robin was a poem cum song written a few years back that gained publicity among the people and is now adored all over the world. Do listen it, if you have been missing the same till now!!