Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Animated Ducks

Animated Ducks is what we shall discuss in this article. To animate, and the related words, animation, animated and the animator all derive from the latin verb animate, which means ‘to give life to’ and within the context of the animated film, this largely means the artificial creation of the illusion of movement in animate lines and forms. A working definition, therefore, of animation in practice, is that it is a film made by hand, frame by frame, providing an illusion of movement which has not been directly recorded in the convectional photographic sense. So what can animated ducks be?

Carl Barks was the anonymous "duck man" for Walt Disney whose draftsmanship and writing gained him a cult like following among artists and fans of Donald Duck comic books and of his very own creation, Scrooge McDuck. "Duck Tales" was Disney's crown jewel in the 80's and 90's, a series that Carl Barks would be proud of. And this is when animated ducks started gaining popularity. It represents everything that was cool about cartoons in that glorious period: quirky characters, awesome voice acting, animation that actually looks like it was drawn at one time, and an AWESOME theme song. All these years later, I still find myself humming the theme often.

Duck Tales was the most successful of Disney's early attempts to create high-quality animated ducks for a TV animated series. One of the most popular of the Disney cartoon characters, Donald Duck made his debut in the Silly Symphony cartoon "The Wise Little Hen". Animation has given a new life and soul to a design not through copying but through transformation of reality.

Today, ‘animated ducks’ specifically ‘Donald Duck’ is recognized by people of all ages, the world over. His face appears on lunch boxes, T-shirts, and thousands of other products, including a long-running brand of frozen orange juice. And at any given moment, somewhere in the world, in any of a hundred languages, someone is reading a Donald Duck comic book or watching a Donald Duck cartoon and that’s how popular animated ducks are.