Sunday, June 21, 2009

Starfire Like Robin

Starfire and Robin are the names of the two central characters of the series Teen Titans. The whole series seems to revolve around these two characters. The series is largely based on the DC comic superhero team. The series is capturing the heart of the millions and is really popular with the kids under age of 15. It has been shown in the series that Starfire like Robin. Robin has been shown as the leader of the team and Starfire is a subordinate member. The series is very adventurous and it has been revealed at many point of the story that Starfire like Robin. The team titan lives in a T shaped tower known as titan tower and defends their city (jump city) from the invaders.

The jump city shown is quite similar to city of San Francisco in many respects. The series is also full of villains; the main ones are Slade and Brother Blood. The series is full of action and excitement and is also made romantic from the fact that Starfire like Robin. At some points humor is also created and it becomes very apparent that Starfire like Robin. The two are shown to be very closely bonded although at times some misunderstanding creeps between them. It has also been showed that the titans belong to very advanced age as the technology used by them is very futuristic.

Almost every season of the series makes one point very loud and clear that Starfire like Robin. But like other series this series has not gone without controversies. The biggest controversy which aroused once was that the team titans were shown as teens but in the actual comic they are shown as adults. The fact that Starfire like Robin also makes her understand him and his actions better than the other team mates. This has also undoubtedly made them the hottest couple of the series.
The series is getting loud applause from the viewers worldwide and the makers are trying to increase the number of viewers by highlighting the point that Starfire like Robin. But the fact that Starfire like Robin has also drawn many controversies and bought many critics as they complain that an adult relationship should not be there in a children’s series.