Monday, June 22, 2009

South Dakota Bird Hunting

South Dakota is located in United States of America. South Dakota bird hunting is popular worldwide. People from far and wide come to South Dakota especially for bird hunting. But everyone is not allowed to do bird hunting in South Dakota. There are some rules and regulations which are followed. So if you are interested in South Dakota bird hunting then you should first look at the rules and regulations. You should have various documents and the most important of them is a small game license plus the state migratory bird certification. Without anyone of them you won’t be allowed to hunt birds in South Dakota.

For South Dakota residents this license is available in validity period of many types ranging from one day to whole year. The cost of the license varies in accordance with the validity period. For non residents interested in South Dakota bird hunting this license is usually available with a validity period of two to five days. For South Dakota bird hunting you has to be at least 12 years old for hunting in open. Youths in age group of 12-15 years got to have hunter safety cards for South Dakota bird hunting. Youths in this age group can’t hunt lonely and should have a guardian at the time of obtaining license as well as at the time of South Dakota bird hunting.

For juniors in age group of 16-18 years a junior combination license is issued and it is also mandatory for them to have a guardian with them at the time of hunting. The season for South Dakota bird hunting usually starts from 1 Sep and goes until 14 October. You can’t hunt more than 15 birds in a day. The shooting time starts from about hour before the sunrise and goes uptil the sunset. Besides these there are also some restrictions in South Dakota bird hunting. Few of them are: hunting on or within 50 yards of public road is strictly prohibited, shooting at a bird not flying is prohibited.

You can get the license for South Dakota bird hunting from license agents. These days many guides are also available who can manage your whole trip in case you are not very well aware. Packages for South Dakota bird hunting are available in various prices so you can choose the one which suits you the most.