Thursday, June 25, 2009

Removal Pigeon Control

Pigeons are one of the most abundant birds found worldwide. These are common in Asian countries and also in some countries of the west. These birds are known to have a very long life. These birds are commonly referred to as rock doves as they are mainly found in the rocky areas. Pigeons can be harmful at times as they are the source of many human communicable diseases and therefore removal pigeon control is all the more important these days. Removal pigeon control is also important as these birds also dirty the place by their roost and nest.

But due point of time it is the roost which is the major point of concern. It has been estimated that the cost involved in eliminating the effect of roost is very large but the end result justifies the overall expense. There are various ways by which you can prevent the growth of pigeons in your area and one way could be that you should close any opening by mesh wires. You can also go for various kinds of electrical devices which are readily available in the market and are broadly classified as audible or visual. It has been seen that removal pigeon control is most effective when a combination of both these types of devices are used.

In earlier days for removal pigeon control people used to go for audible devices which make certain noises but it has been seen now that these are not effective as the pigeons get adapted to the sound. A very effective and simple method for removal pigeon control is to throw water on them. If this thing is repeated for few times than pigeons finally leave the place and move to some other place.

There are some other ways of removal pigeon control also and one of the commonly used is trap. You can easily find these in market. The traps are placed at the places where the pigeons often come for roosting or nesting purposes and more often or not they fell in it. This method is frequently by wildlife conservation department for removal pigeon control and is very effective. You can also use .22 bird shot for removal pigeon control. These doesn’t hurt pigeons but only create fear in the mind of pigeons and therefore they don’t come to that place.