Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Phoenix Fire Birds

Phoenix fire bird is an Egyptian mythological bird of gorgeous plumage (red and golden). The fire bird is sacred to the sum and is reborn from the ashes of the funeral pyre which it made for itself. It’s each lifespan is 500 or 600 years. Phoenix, the fire bird originating in the mythology of ancient Egypt, has become a universal symbol of rebirth and the most famous of all fabulous births. Clad in feathers of red and gold, the colour of the rising sun, it had a melodious voice that became mournful with approaching death. Other creatures over then so overcome by its beauty and sadness that they themselves fell” dead according to legend only” one fire bird (phoenix) could live at a time. The myth connected with phoenix fire bird is that at the top of a palm tree a bird’s nest catches fire. It has been ignited by a spark struck from the hooves of celestial steeds drawing the chariot of ra, the Egyptian sun god. Amid the flames a beautiful Arabian fire bird extends its golden neck and purple wings but instead of flying off, it dances eventually it is consumed by the fire and reduced to ashes. It seals the remains of the nest in the Myrh, wraps in its aromatic leaves and molds it into the shape of an egg.

This it carries as a sacred offering to the temple of the sun at heliopolis, and then flies away to paradise. 500 years later it returns to earth where it begins again the cycle of self immolation and resurrection a process that continues forever. It is said that the ashes of the fire bird phoenix have the power of bringing a dead man back to life. In Christian mythology of art, the resurrected phoenix fire bird became a popular symbol of Christ arisen from the grave.

Strangely, its name may come from a misunderstanding by herodotus, the Greek historian of 5th century B.C. phoenix fire birds (Egyptian mythology) many civilizations spin the take of mythological fire bird that burns itself in the flames then is reborn from the ashes beginning a new cycle of tine and is associated with the sun. The phoenix fire bird is a female mythological bird symbolizing immortality, resurrection and life after death. In Egyptian mythology phoenix fire bird was originally known as benu. Benu was also known to be the symbol of Osiris incarnate, renewing itself the phoenix fire bird is said to arise at dawn from the waters of the Nile. It is linked with summer.

According to the Japanese mythology of phoenix fire bird it is associated with the sun, rectitude, fidelity, justice, obedience. Roman mythology of the phoenix fire bird is associated with the rebirth and perpetual existence of the Roman Empire. Indian mythology of the phoenix fire bird is the Garuda. He is depicted as having beak, wings, talons, and tail of an eagle, and the body and legs of a man (sometimes having four arms). Garuda was a semi-divine, as he was the mount of vishnu. Garuda personifies the sun, as well as being the enemy of snakes.