Thursday, January 17, 2008

Flamingo Facts

Flamingoes are mostly found in tropical and sub tropical areas. These areas include Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Southern Brazil. There are many unique features of flamingoes which most of the people don’t know. Let’s look at some of interesting flamingo facts. A flamingo fact says that the habitat of flamingoes is mostly saline or alkaline water or estuarine lagoons and it is often seen that they generally choose places which don’t have any vegetation. Another interesting flamingo facts state that flamingoes that are pink in color are born white and they acquire this pink color by a substance called cartenoid which they take in their food.

A flamingo fact about their color says that flamingoes will loose their pink color if they doesn’t get food like planktons, shrimps etc which are acts as a source of cartenoid for them. A flamingo fact tells you that flamingoes only lay one egg at a time and incubate it for about 30 days and the newly born baby leaves the egg only after 10 ten days after it. An exciting flamingo fact says that a group constituting of flamingoes is termed as PAT (process action team), a acronym related to total quality management as the flamingoes do somewhat the same thing as the human beings in the PAT group.

Another flamingo facts states that they have much longer legs in comparison to other species and therefore they can wade into much deeper water than any other bird. They can easily walk on soft mud as they have webbed feet. A flamingo fact goes like this- a flamingo flock can fly at a speed of 50-60 Km/h which is much more than most of the birds in their category. It has been seen that while take off flamingoes first take several leaps forward, start flapping their wings and then only lifts itself in the air. There are also many other flamingo facts but the most interesting ones are all mentioned above.