Sunday, January 13, 2008

Facts About Pigeons

Pigeons are one of the most commonly found species all over the world. They are most commonly seen in the Asian countries. There are some amazing and interesting facts about pigeons which you will be very surprised to know. A very interesting fact about pigeons relating to their origin is that they originated before the humans. They came into existence some millions of years ago. A fact about pigeons is that they are about 13 inches (32 cm) in length and usually weighs less than a pound (0.35 Kg). A very exciting fact about pigeons is that unless forcibly separated, pigeons mate for life.

A fact about pigeons is that unlike any other species male pigeons have the ability to lactate and produce milk for their young ones. Another fact about pigeons is that a new born pigeon doubles it weight in first two days of its birth. A very surprising fact about pigeons is that a new born pigeon has about 10,000 feathers on his body. A fact about pigeon says that a pigeon has a life of about 30 years which is much more than many species of the world.

A fact about pigeon states that a pigeon can beat his wings for about ten times per second and can also maintain a heart rate of 600 beats per minute for about 16 hours without any rest and hence is one of the fastest species. They can maintain a speed of 50-60 miles per hour. A fact about pigeon relating their memory is that they have a visual memory which can store up to 300 different images or objects indefinitely. Another fact about pigeons is that they can hear sounds of frequencies much lower than what a human being can hear. Pigeons usually lay two eggs at a time and the eggs need about 18 days to hatch. A fact about pigeon’s eye is that they have orange or reddish orange eyes.