Friday, January 11, 2008

Facts About Flamingoes

Flamingoes are mostly found in tropical and sub tropical areas. These areas include Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Southern Brazil. There are some amazing and interesting facts about flamingoes which most of the people don’t know. First fact about flamingoes is that they mostly live in saline or alkaline water or estuarine lagoons and the places which usually don’t have vegetation. The second fact about flamingoes is that they are pink in color but they are not borne pink. They are white in color at the time of birth; however a substance called cartenoids that they eat makes their color pink.

A fact about flamingoes related with their color is that they will loose their shading if they could not eat foods such as plankton, shrimp which contain large amount of cartenoid. Another fact about flamingoes related to their reproduction is that they incubate only one egg for about 30 days and the chicks leaves the nest after ten days. A fact about flamingoes describing their groups is that the group formed by the flamingoes is termed as PAT which is derived from the total quality management acronym and stands for ‘Process Action Team’. It is so because in PAT a group of human beings gather and mills in about the same manner and with much similar results as the flamingoes group do.

Another interesting fact about flamingoes is that they have long legs and therefore can wade into much deeper water in comparison to other birds. They have webbed feet which support their moment in soft mud. A fact about flamingoes is that the speed of the flock of flamingoes can go up to 50-60 Km/h. A surprising fact about flamingoes is that to take off, flamingoes first takes several steps and then begins flapping its wings and then only it lifts itself in the air while during the landing this procedure is literally reversed. First it touches down and then takes several steps.