Monday, January 7, 2008

Decorative Bird Feeder

Decorative Bird feeders are small containers used to feed the birds. Though the bird feeders are indirectly used to enhance the beauty of the gardens, they also help in giving a natural touch to the garden and its surroundings. Look into the backyards of many homes and you will be likely to find a variety of decorative bird feeders. As attractive decorative touches, these can enhance a backyard and patio easily and provide rewarding memories for years to come.

Birds in your landscape are an exciting part of your nature that people of all ages enjoy through the different seasons. Birds in spring, summer winter and fall can be an interesting part of the day adding to the mood and enhancing feeling of the day. No matter what time of the year it is the decorative bird feeder will bring birds to your landscape, the major reason being food. Including the bird feeders adds movement and color to the landscape even when the gardens are not in bloom.

The birds have an amazing capability to recall where they have been and where they’ve found ample supplies of food and water, so you can make your yard a veritable ‘bird buffet’ year after year with one of the beautiful bird feeders. If placed in a spot easily viewed from inside the home, bird feeders can provide hours of entertainment for both children and adults. Many birds will come back again and again, using the decorative bird feeders as their main food source. It can even become a territorial object. Sometimes birds will become possessive, trying to frighten away interlopers that come to partake.

The decorative bird feeders reflect a particular theme that the person would like to see in their garden.The range of decorative bird feeder includes feeders in iron, aluminum, copper and wrought iron. The bird feeders also come in different styles and elegant finishes. The bird feeders can easily be mounted on a post or hung from a branch for the ultimate viewing in pleasure.

For safety precautions, make sure your decorative bird feeders are secure. Hanging bird feeders may swing on windy days and should be checked regularly for integrity. If a hanging bird feeder were to fall, birds could be injured or killed, and anyone standing beneath the feeder could also be injured. Also many bird feeders claim to be protected from squirrels. Squirrels may visit the bird feeder and hoard all the seeds, not to mention, scare away all the birds; but very few bird feeders are truly squirrel proof. Thus stationary bird feeders should be checked, as well. A safe, sturdy, well-filled decorative bird feeders can be a joy for years to come.