Saturday, January 5, 2008

Custom Bird Cages

Let’s See what Custom Bird Cages are.Birds are great pet to have. The continuous chirping, fluttering of wings and colorful feathers delights you so much that hardly any other pet could give. Great pet do come at some headaches, but fortunately birds aren’t a menace. They are great friend provided you fulfill some of the duties of this friendship and the most important duty apart from food is the house of your bird. Yup cages which are used to keep birds are very important and should be chosen with care as you choose yours.

Since birds are mostly long-range animals in the wild, when selecting a size for a birdcage it is generally recommended to choose the largest size possible that you can afford or fit in your house. Birds require more airflow because they move around much more and have a higher heart rate, and therefore consume more oxygen. Hence the design should provide as much airflow as possible. That’s where Custom Bird Cages come into play. Once you have selected the appropriate size, you will want to make sure you have selected all the options necessary to give your pet a healthy environment as soon as you receive it.

Other things to keep in mind when designing cages are the lighting and the temperature of Custom Bird Cages It is very important that the temperature and humidity of your enclosure is kept at an adequate level. Some birds require a preferred optimal temperature range (POTR) of 75-88 degrees F. With an optimal basking range of 88-95 degrees F, it is a good idea to provide your bird several different temperature points to rest. This can be accomplished with shelves, decorative branches, vines, and other cage accessories. Experts recommend using a ceramic heat emitter to provide a 24 hour heat source without creating disruptive light at night.

Next is the lighting system of your Custom Bird Cages. Full spectrum lighting not only helps you see more vivid coloration of your animal, but can dramatically affect the health and psychology of your pet. Many materials such as glass in windows or plastic light covers are made to filter the broad range of spectrum birds need. Even a cage placed near a window will not get a sufficient amount of UVA/UVB light by the time it reaches the inside of the cage. Birds and many other animals use UVB in the synthesis of vitamin D3, a critical element for the metabolizing of calcium in your pet's body.

Feather and toe picking, restlessness and agitation, decreased immune response, and shortened life are symptoms of lack of this vitamin. Most bulbs made for personal use are not designed to emit the range of UVA/UVB many animals. Hence commercially available full spectrum bulbs or fluorescent tubes are best option when deciding lighting for your Custom Bird Cages. These will provide a better look to your pet’s cage and will take care of its daily vitamin D3 needs. Toys are a very important part of your bird setup. Mental and physical stimulation is a key aspect to keeping your bird healthy. There are a lot of products out there, some safer than others. Experts do not recommend toys that can come loose or be swallowed, such as poorly crafted bells, rope loops or key rings and other similar chew toys. It is recommended to have as many safe perches and bird toys as you can afford and fit in your Custom Bird Cages to keep your pet active and energetic.

Well in todays fast world even bird need rest and thus they require adequate furniture for their little niche. Full selection of natural objects such as roots and driftwood, as well as replica furniture line, are available. The natural objects can create a very realistic and unique display but can be infectious. Non-porous stuff that will tend not to harbor bacteria is best. Hardwood and concrete perches work well for this. It is recommended to use perches of several different size diameters to prevent your pet's feet from cramping and losing flexibility. Natural objects that are porous tend to harbor dangerous bacteria and insects. Spider mites, for example, are a very serious threat to birds if they are introduced to your cage.

So guys what you need now with these kind of cages is a great bird which matches your personality, status something like harry prefer…..and owl.