Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Bird Problems Residential

Bird problems residential is a serious problem which we are facing today lets have a deeper introspective into it. Birds are among the most frustrating and pesky pests that a person may encounter. They are cute and loved by most people who see them, but they can create a plethora of problems. Birds seem to be harmless intruders, but they can be a dangerous public health threat and can create other problems. The general public's affection toward birds translates into a serious underestimation of the health risks associated with pest birds. Especially in residential areas, where little children, while playing in open grounds come in contact with the faeces of birds which causes them to suffer from an assortment of diseases. Also, in many residential colonies birds have attacked many people, at times leaving them blind. It’s under such circumstances when once realises that birds too have an innate Mr. Hyde in them and we realise the bird problems residential.

Serious consequences and problems may be arising when birds roost on a ledge of a window, when woodpeckers peck on the sides of a house, when starlings destroy plants or crops. Flocks of ducks and geese have been known to chew and destroy turf and grass. Flocks of birds congregating on electric wires or trees make an absolute and unhygienic mess with their droppings. Those birds that have found a home in local residential areas put immense stress on local plants and food supplies. These are just a few of the bird problems residential.

Leaving aside residential areas, we hear so much of the bird menace as modern aviation’s nightmare which is another consequence of bird problems residential. The collision of airplanes with birds has been a big problem; it only arose as a result of man’s short-sightedness in dealing with nature. This is a more delicate problem, which needs to be tackled. It will be inhumane to kill the birds, which happen to come in the way of an aircraft, however, killing birds by shooting has been and is a practice, at civil and military aerodromes the world over. As usual man is caught between a torment sea and a cliff, because there have been lots of cases in residential areas where not just children but also adults have suffered serious infections and diseases caused due to the droppings of birds, then again just for our survival how can we kill a fellow member of the animal kingdom? So I think we had an immense insight into the bird problems residential.