Thursday, November 22, 2007

Bird Dropping Removal

Bird dropping removal is an unpleasant problem being faced. One thing is always transformed into the other; whatever goes into a machine is reproduced again in another form. These are all basic laws of the nature. The little beautiful creature, bird also goes through the various biological processes. The bird’s body system is also like a machine that digests the food eaten up by it, extracts the energy from it and then removes the waste. And there arises the issue of bird dropping removal.

This bird waste causes a lot of problems for us. The birds wander around freely dropping their waste anywhere. Thus bird dropping removal is an unpleasant sight. We all love clean environment but birds dropping removal cause a lot of mischievous. The birds drop down this waste anywhere; we can see them all around the parks, benches, roofs, vacant plots. Every place is good for them but this causes problem for we people. Imagine that you go to a beautiful park to enjoy the beauty, sit on the roof for breathing fresh air and you get tired .So what would you look for, Ofcourse a place to relax. But if you find only a single bench and that too with the bird's waste on it, then what would be your reactions; of-course you would like to shoot that bird which created all this.

But since we cannot restrict to the freedom of the bird, we have to cope up with all this. If we have to enjoy them flying around in clutters or wish to be awakened up by the sweet song of the bird on our balcony then we have to tolerate this entire nuisance created by them. The bird dropping removal cannot be stopped from carrying on this activity but the only solution is cleanliness.

So if we want to cope up with this problem of bird dropping removal we have to adopt cleaning measures. Frequent cleaning of parks, benches, and roofs can be the only solution. Besides this cleaning measure has to be frequent and early as dried waste become difficult to be removed. Also the irritating sight and the smell spoil the environment. There are also some cleaning agents found in market for the cleaning purpose. So for clean and green environment what we all can do is to clean rather than avoiding the bird dropping removal.